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How do I enrol?  

Reception Enrolments- From 2024, children who turn 5 years old:

·before 1 May can start school in term 1

·between 1 May and 31 October can start school in term 3 (mid-year intake)

·after 31 October start the next year (2025)

If your child starts school at the beginning of the year, they’ll do 4 terms of reception.

If they start school in a mid-year intake, they will complete 6 terms of reception.

It is recommended that prior to commencing Reception at school, children undertake a transition programme.  This is usually conducted in association with the local Preschool. Transition programmes will be given to new parents through the Preschool. It is also recommended that children regularly attend Preschool prior to enrolling at school.

Please complete and return the "Registration of Interest" form if you would like to enrol your child at Loxton Primary School for reception in 2025. Registration of Interest

New Student Enrolments- All other students may be enrolled at any time during office hours. Upon completion of enrolment requirements, attendance will commence within 5 working days. This ensures both the school and teacher have appropriate time for relevant organisation maximising successful transition opportunities.

Enrolment Details- Parents/caregivers will be requested to provide accurate medical and emergency contact information details regarding their child/children. A birth certificate and proof of address will be required for all enrolling students.  They will also be asked to sign consent forms relating to Internet agreement and Media Release.

Emergency Contacts- We ask all parents to make contact with the front office to update any emergency contacts at the beginning of Term 1. Emergency contacts are called when Parents/ Caregivers are uncontactable. Emergency contacts are people other than parents who are able to collect your child from school if they are unwell or have had an accident.

Book a Tour- If you would like to take part in a guided tour of our school facilities, observe our teaching and learning first hand and have the opportunity to ask questions about the school please call 85847408 or complete the online booking form below.