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Country Recipes Size File Type
Mongolia Mongolian Fried Rice 161KB Adobe PDF
Mongolia Mongolian Vegetables 161KB Adobe PDF
Mongolia Boortsog 163KB Adobe PDF
France French Baguettes 88KB Adobe PDF
France Courgette Slice 151KB Adobe PDF
France Nicoise salad 152KB Adobe PDF
Italy Foccacia 151KB Adobe PDF
Italy Silverbeet Ravioli 166KB Adobe PDF
Italy Gnocchi with Sage Butter 172KB Adobe PDF
Vietnam Vegan Banh Mi Trimmings 147KB Adobe PDF
Vietnam Vegan Meatball for Banh Mi 152KB Adobe PDF
Vietnam Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls 150KB Adobe PDF
Korea Kim chi 150KB Adobe PDF
Korea Crunchy Balloon Bread 307KB Adobe PDF
Korea Sweet & Sticky Korean Beef with Noodles 152KB Adobe PDF
Morocco Moroccan Cous Cous 160KB Adobe PDF
Morocco Msemen 223KB Adobe PDF
Morocco Shakshuka 152KB Adobe PDF