Loxton Primary SchoolLoxton Primary School

School Facilities

Buildings and grounds. The school is located in attractive grounds which include a large oval and covered play area. It consists of three large brick buildings, built in 1975, a flexi-unit and the former school house which is used for afterhours care (OSHC). All teaching areas are air-conditioned.

Specialist Facilities. Stephanie Alexander kitchen; kitchen garden, music building, German  Room and a computer room and Science Room.  An outdoor stadium was built in 2007. It is used for PE lessons, lunchtime activities and daily fitness tasks.

Student Facilities. A canteen operates Wednesday to Friday where lunches may be ordered. A Dental Clinic is located in the school grounds.

Staff Facilities. Staffroom and Teacher Work Room with computers as well as staff offices throughout the school.

Access for students and staff with disabilities. There are  handicapped toilet facilities and ramps to give whole school access.

Access to bus transport. Students living more than 5 kms from a government school have access to a school bus.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen 


School Assemblies

Assemblies are held every Friday.  Each class hosts an assembly on a rotational basis. Assemblies provide an opportunity for students and classes to display their work, dance and music to the rest of the school and parents. All parents are welcome.


School Times

8:30 Staff on Yard Duty

8:50 School Commences
9:00 Lesson 1
9:50 Lesson 2

10:40 Recess

11:05 Lesson 3
11:55 Lesson 4

12:45 Eating Time
12:55 Lunch Play Time

1:30 Lesson 5
2:20 Lesson 6

3:10 Dismissal

3.25 Yard Duty Finishes