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Principal's Welcome


A warm welcome to Loxton Primary School! As a school community, we invite you to read and view details of our site.

At Loxton Primary School our aim is to provide quality teaching and learning with a focus on continuous improvement. We understand that the education of children is a shared responsibility between ourselves, children and parents. Therefore we believe the sharing of the learning journey of your students is extremely important.

We have spacious and attractive grounds, with great facilities that are constantly being upgraded. We offer a broad curriculum with a key focus on literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills; Science, German and Physical Education are supported by school based specialist teachers.

The inclusive culture of the school is shaped by our five values; Belonging, Caring, Learning, Persisting and Respecting with staff, students and the parent community working closely together to support each other through the reinforcing of these values. These values underpin our learning and our behaviour.

At Loxton, leaders, teachers and support staff are caring and approachable. Parent involvement in programs and decision making is welcomed. Clear two-way communication between home and school is highly valued.

We work as a collaborative team to focus on your child as an individual and recognise his/her differences, experiences and needs. We invite you to work in partnership with us as we build on the foundations which you as parents have established at home and work together to make your child’s education an enriching experience. I believe that this is a real strength of our school.

We continue to strive for excellence for every student by providing a rigorous, challenging and dynamic teaching and learning environment. We value respect and support for each other as learners an we hold high expectations for achievement.

Our staff is committed to ongoing professional learning and this supports the daily delivery of current curriculum across all learning areas that is engaging, inclusive and achievement driven.

We facilitate social, physical and emotional development of each individual student by providing opportunities for student decision making and learning for global citizenship. We expect our students to develop a sense of social responsibility by showing integrity, resilience and respect for differences in people.

Our Governing Council members, together with staff, students and families are actively involved in all aspects of school life. This is one of the many reasons we enjoy a nurturing environment at Loxton Primary School.

Our site context statement, improvement plan, external review information and current annual report provide detailed information about our school community. I invite you to contact me through our front office or via email to attend a scheduled school tour or to discuss any aspect of our school community.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school.

Warm regards,
Jan Slape